Microfiber Bonnet Applicator


MICROFIBER MOP BONNET: Fits any sponge mop up to 9” wide
CLEANS DIRT & GRIME: Soft microfiber bonnet traps dirt & grit
REUSABLE & MACHINE WASHABLE: Giving you an economical way to keep your floors looking great
USE WITH REJUVENATE® CLEANERS & RESTORERS: Traps & lifts dirt & grit, as well as polishes
MAKES FLOORS LOOK NEW AGAIN: Maximizes the cleaning & polishing power of Rejuvenate® products

Product Description

The Rejuvenate® Microfiber Mop Bonnet Applicator converts any sponge mop, up to nine inches wide, into a microfiber mop. This product is designed to provide professional results by maximizing the cleaning and polishing power of Rejuvenate® products. The reusable microfiber fabric is machine-washable, giving you an economical way to keep your floors looking great. The soft microfiber traps and lifts dirt and grit and polishes to make your floors look new again.

Directions for Use

To use, place the Rejuvenate® Microfiber Mop Bonnet over a clean sponge mop head. For best results, use with Rejuvenate® products following the instructions on the bottle. For cleaning floors, mop floors with clean water. To care for your microfiber bonnet applicator, wash with mild detergent and allow to air dry. Use Rejuvenate® Restorers to fill in scratches, seal and protect, and use Rejuvenate® specialized cleaners to care for your restored floors.