Between school, shopping, homework and more, moms have their hands full! And busy moms like you know that when life gets hectic, clutter can pile up around the house—fast.

Luckily, there are ways to keep clutter from becoming overwhelming! Here are a few helpful tips for more effective cleaning, so you can enjoy your family without worrying about the mess.

1. Create a Place for Everything

Keep things looking clean by having a place for everything. It's helpful to have an entryway organizer for backpacks and shoes, a pantry organizer for easy-to-grab snacks, and a closet organizer for keeping cleaning products tidy. That way, your home is less cluttered and looks cleaner and more organized. Also, it makes things easier to access if they are in the right place, which can speed up cleaning time. The key is to maintain a system of organization that can withstand the chaos of parenthood.

2. Clean As You Go

The key to having a clean house with kids is learning to clean as you go. That way, things don't pile up and become real messes later. As you're aware, you don't always have the luxury to set aside a whole day for house cleaning. Cleaning little by little, day by day, is a better option. So, wash a few dishes in the sink every evening, put clothes away as soon as you use them and take a few extra minutes to clean as you go to save you time and hassle later.

3. Recruit Your Kids to Help

If your kids are old enough to help clean, recruit them to be tiny helpers. Give them certain cleaning responsibilities to teach them about tidiness, and you'll be able to focus your time on other things. By making cleaning a team effort, you'll also be able to spend time with your children while teaching them the values of a clean house and responsibility at the same time.

4. Use Rejuvenate® Products

To make cleaning a lot easier, choose products that do twice the work. Rejuvenate® products are powerful and effective, helping you spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your family.