When you move into a new home, cleaning and refreshing your new space should be among your top priorities. After all, no one wants to start living in a home or apartment that feels dirty! Here are some useful cleaning hacks for getting a thorough clean in your new home, apartment or condo.

Cleaning Your Kitchen, the Right Way

This is the most recommended place to start when it comes to cleaning your new home. The kitchen tends to be the one area inside a house that needs a lot of attention, as this is where some of the nastiest messes and odors occur.

1. Start with the Fridge

You'll need a heavy-duty cleaner for this job, and you may also need a product specifically made to clean stainless steel. You can also use a clean sponge along with a bit of baking soda and water, mixed into a thick paste. A heavy-duty cloth or microfiber towel is also a must-have when it comes to cleaning this kitchen appliance.

2. Clean the Stove

The oven should be the next must-clean part of the kitchen. You'll need a heavy-duty oven-cleaner to get started. Use the right cleaning product for the job, and be sure to clean the cooktop as well.

Never forget to clean what's beneath the hood. Place a sheet of brown paper down below, on the stove top, so you can collect any possible drips that may fall. If you have the time after you finish cleaning the front and top of the stove, move it away from the wall to clean beneath it.

3. Tidy Up the Counter and Kitchen Cabinets

Use a mild cleaner for cleaning the interior part of your cabinets, especially if there are linings or paint inside. If there are no linings, make sure that you use a liner so that the cabinet will be ready for the dishes.

For cabinet surfaces and doors, be sure to use the right kind of cleaner. A product like Rejuvenate® Cabinet & Furniture Cleaner can help you give your cabinets a streak-free clean. There are also wipes available for quick refreshes or spot cleaning. Don't forget to clean the handles as well!

The counter is usually the least tiring part of your kitchen to clean. All you need is to make sure that you clean the cracks in between using a putty knife. Kitchen backsplashes should be cleaned using a mild cleaner. For a really deep clean, choose a complete cleaning system such as the Rejuvenate® Cabinet & Furniture Restorer, which comes with a microfiber mitt.

Cleaning the Bathroom Is the Next Priority

4. Make the Bathroom Sparkle With these Cleaning Tips and Tricks

The bathroom can be one of the toughest areas to keep clean in your home. Spray a cleaning solution across the entire surface of your shower walls and doors to help remove soap scum. A bleach free, non-abrasive, no-scrubbing soap scum remover removes touch deposits on contact, leaving behind a streak-free finish!

Make sure that it gets applied lightly and evenly on the whole surface area. Just let the solution sit for a few minutes to make sure the cleaner has a chance to effectively penetrate the surface before rinsing away.

Don't Forget to Clean the Common Areas!

5. Make the Walls Appealing

Kids are creative and sometimes their art and craft activities end up as wall doodles and other unwanted messes. One way to remove these crayon and marker sketches is to use a damp sponge, sprinkled with some baking soda, to lightly scrub away the artwork. A great way to remove years of grease and oil from wood cabinets is with a product made specifically for the job, like Rejuvenate® Cabinet and Furniture Cleaner.

6. Tidy Up the Floors

If your new home is already carpeted, you need to do a thorough vacuuming before moving in all your furniture. If the floors are made of a hard surface, such as wood, tile or linoleum, make sure that you sweep the floor well. Don't miss out on cleaning areas under appliances, heating vents and other hard to reach spaces.

Rejuvenate® brand professional floor care products help clean, restore and protect your floors. To clean your dingy grout and dirty tile floors, choose a bio-enzymatic tile and grout cleaner to deep-clean and help break down deeply embedded dirt and grime.

7. Dust Off the Blinds

The window and patio door blinds in your new home should never be forgotten when performing a thorough cleaning. A moist cloth can be used for removing a light coating of dust. The damp cloth is key so as not to release too many dust particles and allergens through the air.

However, if the amount of collected dust and cobwebs is extreme you'll need another method. The cheapest way is to use white vinegar along with a microfiber towel or mini blind cleaning brush. Simply run the towel or brush through the slats to wipe away any and all dust and debris.